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latte fairy
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03 04 14 - [sticky post] masterlist

i'm emma and sometimes i write fics.

12/26/16: i probably will not be writing fics anymore due to lack of inspiration, new interests, and my impending future, so thank you for all the support over the years!

bring the fics outCollapse )
wonder girls
come and get it
baekhyun/lay | r | 1932 words
warnings: mentions of sex
summary: writing porn novels is not as easy as it would seem.
a/n: im not dead yay.

(“you are a menace.”)
some faith
baekhyun/kyungsoo | r | 1046 words
warnings: mild mention of sex, an angsty moment
summary: baekhyun had always believe in him
a/n: i was reading through the comments i received and some people were wondering if i would write anymore and i got a tiny bit inspired so i wrote some more of high school bfs now post-college bfs baeksoo. set seven years after something flutters and come to my crib.

(“are you nervous?”)
eat you up
taehyung/jimin | nc-17 | 964 words
warnings: fem!jimin and fem!taehyung
summary: taehyung is full of promises.
a/n: so i'm not dead! but my contributions to the fic fandom will probably decrease slowly. but hey i am dabbling in bts now.

(“i’ll make it worth your while.”)
thinking about you a latte
ken/leo | pg | 4,644 words
summary: taekwoon likes most things plain, unflavored. jaehwan brings in an extra sweetness he might just need.
notes: originally posted here at forvixx

( sundays are taekwoon’s favorite. )
morning, airport
baekhyun/suho | pg-13 | 2,949 words
warnings: mild sexual references
summary: airports bring out the worst in baekhyun, and yet, someone seems to like that side of him. (alternatively: i’m afraid of flying and you were incredibly helpful and tolerant and sweet about it au)
a/n: idea taken from one of those tumblr prompt au posts because i found that subaek fit it so well. title taken from rainbow 99's song of the same name.

( airports are baekhyun's worst nightmare. )
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